Orchids for your garden

The exotic beauty of orchids in your own garden? This is possible, as these exuberant flowers are not only meant for inside use.
With the easy, frost-resistant Garden Orchid you can bring the tropics into your back garden.
Select the shape, colour and height you like most of this special family of garden orchids!

Whatever variant you decide to plant, at the first rays of the sun in spring the shoots sprout from the ground.
They slowly unfurl their wonderful flowers, which you will be able to enjoy for weeks. This perennial plant keeps forming
new shoots underground, so you can expect more fabulous flowers every year, even in the darkest corner of your garden.








In nature

If you have ever been on a holiday to Switzerland, you know what a beautiful country it is. A large part of the 26 cantons consists of mountains, pine forests, lakes and other beautiful scenery. Switzerland is an Alpine country. The Wild Orchid Cypripedium calceolus is one of the most spectacular wild European orchids and occurs naturally in Switzerland. Unfortunately, these plants are also often taken from nature and the impact is so huge that nature can hardly recover itself....

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Where to buy?

You can find Garden Orchids in the spring, when the plant is hibernating, at the better garden centres and florists,
such as Intratuin (Netherlands), OhGreen (Belgium), Jardiland (France) and Blomsterlandet (Sweden).

Or buy your Garden Orchid online:

The Netherlands and Belgium:

Tuinorchidee webshop

Other countries:

Gartenwerkstatt Schreiner


    If you have any questions about buying or maintaining your Garden Orchid,
    are looking for smart tips or just want to tell us how beautifully they are flowering, send us a message!

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